• Connecting children and the youth to the world through Computer and Digital Literacy!

  • For these children, free computer literacy is the pathway to success in school and sucess in life.

  • This program helps the beneficiaries develop their creativity and prepare them for the job market

  • Alternative energy is the best option in Haiti since most communities don't have accces to electricity.

  • In both urban and rural Haiti, green energy powers our computer learning centers

  • The computer coding course help the participants unleash their creativity and develop software.


Your donation makes it possible for Haiti Net Literacy to sustain this computer literacy project all over Haiti and beyond. Everything you generously donate will go directly to the projects or activities for which they were intended. During the program implementation, you will be able to access the progress we have made via our website. Moreover, after the completion of any specific project, a full report will always be available online. If you need specific information regarding your donation, feel free to send an e-mail.

Haiti Net Literacy looks forward to receiving your donation, which may consist of

Financial resources
◙ Financial contributions
◙ Endowment

Material resources
◙ Computer equipment accessories (for computer labs)
◙ Solar power kits
◙ Inverters (solar)
◙ Batteries (inverters)
◙ Electrical wire and cables

Human resources
◙ Volunteers (with or without experience)
◙ Information technology /computer literacy
◙ Fundraising
◙ Networking
◙ Curriculum design
◙ Tutoring
◙ Teaching computer/digital literacy
◙ Youth leadership
◙ Boy scout/ girl scout
◙ intercultural experience
◙ Advocacy
◙ Community service