• Connecting children and the youth to the world through Computer and Digital Literacy!

  • For these children, free computer literacy is the pathway to success in school and sucess in life.

  • This program helps the beneficiaries develop their creativity and prepare them for the job market

  • Alternative energy is the best option in Haiti since most communities don't have accces to electricity.

  • In both urban and rural Haiti, green energy powers our computer learning centers

  • The computer coding course help the participants unleash their creativity and develop software.

Get involved

Haiti Net Literacy relies for the most part on volunteers from all over the world, especially for the United, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean to carry out its vision and achieve its goals throughout Haiti and beyond. In addition, computer literate Haitians living on the Island are also a great asset to project. The contribution of all the volunteers, regardless of their age group is crucial to this computer literacy campaign for Haiti. This organization relies on a large pool of volunteers ranging from high school students to senior citizens.

As a volunteer or supporter of this computer literacy campaign in Haiti your contribution is vital for the success of this project. It is indispensable to sustain Haiti Net Literacy and its activities throughout Haiti. To contribute to this endeavor, there are multiple ways you can do so:

a. invite family members, relatives and friends, classmates to join in;
b. build a network of supporters for the computer literacy campaign;
c. donate money, computers, monitors, printers, scanners, projectors, tablets, and related accessories;
d. raise funds for the computer literacy campaign
e. encourage individuals, business people, government agencies, foundations, philanthropists and international organizations to donate financial or material resources.
f. travel to Haiti to teach basic computer skills to the target communities.
Haiti Net Volunteers

Benefits from volunteering
Volunteer work involves giving your time, effort, and even money to nonprofit or community-based organizations. On the other hand, there are personal and professional benefits for getting involved. They include:
Personal satisfaction and self-worth:
It gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose in life.
Personal development:
It helps improve your awareness, develop your talents, and contribution to fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations.
Intercultural experience:
It has a transformative power as it helps you acquire a deep and broader understanding of self and other people from a culture other than your own.
It can give you the opportunity to work with other people on projects of common interests. Moreover, you can build relationships that carry over to business and other professional activities.
Skills development:
While doing volunteer work, you are likely to acquire skills that will carry over to your both your personal professional life.
International experience
Having international experience is a great asset for getting may high-paying jobs in the United States and abroad. It helps broaden your worldview and can provide you with an infinite range of opportunities that can translate into your personal and professional accomplishments.
Career Development
Since high school and college students may not have any work experience to insert in their resume, doing volunteer work is one the best ways to gain these skills and references. Many companies are actually looking for people with experience in in volunteering at the local and international levels.