• Connecting children and the youth to the world through Computer and Digital Literacy!

  • For these children, free computer literacy is the pathway to success in school and sucess in life.

  • This program helps the beneficiaries develop their creativity and prepare them for the job market

  • Alternative energy is the best option in Haiti since most communities don't have accces to electricity.

  • In both urban and rural Haiti, green energy powers our computer learning centers

  • The computer coding course help the participants unleash their creativity and develop software.

What we do

Access to Information Technology
Haiti Net Literacy is committed to gathering the resources required so all Haitians across Haiti can have access to laptop computers and accessories. For logistical reasons and energy efficiency in Haiti, HNL has opted for all-in-one desktops and laptops that individuals, schools, communities, municipalities and local government entities can easily maintained.

HNL relies on individual donors, philanthropic foundations, International nongovernmental organizations (INGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), and international development aid agencies, business organizations and a large pool of volunteers to support this computer literacy endeavor in Haiti and beyond.

Computer Literacy
This organization is primarily focused on providing the beneficiaries with the tools needed to acquire a wide range of computer skills overtime. HNL developed a comprehensive computer literacy curriculum that is open for change so it can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of individuals and whole communities. This curriculum was designed with all leaners in mind, regardless of their learning styles, abilities, and age group.

Solar energy
Having sufficient energy available is a requirement to power up the computers and other electronic devices. According the Ministry of Public Works, only 25 percent of the Haitian population has access to electricity in Haiti’s major cities. Currently, in most towns in Haiti, particularly in the rural areas, the communities do not receive any electricity from the national power grid. Those who can afford it use alternative sources of energy: Kerosene lamps and lanterns, gas-powered generators, solar and wind energy. With such a high rate of power shortage all over Haiti, there is only one option: green energy.

While both wind and solar power can generate green energy all over the Island, Haiti Net Literacy has favored solar power systems for its efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and portability. In this context, HNL aims to install solar energy systems to power up computer labs everywhere in Haiti and beyond.

Haiti Net Literacy is not in the business of giving away computers or providing digital literacy to communities or organizations randomly. On the contrary, this organization aims to empower the recipients so they can take ownership of the computer literacy program within their communities and beyond. In addition, the recipient organizations or communities that Haiti Net Literacy helps acquire any kind of IT resources have to show they have developed the capacity to ensure the maintenance of the materials and sustain the overall computer literacy program within their environment.