• Connecting children and the youth to the world through Computer and Digital Literacy!

  • For these children, free computer literacy is the pathway to success in school and sucess in life.

  • This program helps the beneficiaries develop their creativity and prepare them for the job market

  • Alternative energy is the best option in Haiti since most communities don't have accces to electricity.

  • In both urban and rural Haiti, green energy powers our computer learning centers

  • The computer coding course help the participants unleash their creativity and develop software.

Where we work

Haiti Net Literacy works with communities all over Haiti to facilitate computer access and digital literacy. While HNL aims to provide computer literacy to Haitians of all walks of life, its top priorities include impoverished communities in urban and rural areas. Unlike most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, more than 60 percent of the Haitian population still lives in rural areas.  That’s why this organization has made rural Haiti a priority in its computer literacy program. Moreover, HNL also targets Haitian immigrants and Dominican natives living in vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic.
Specifically, HNL works with rural and poor urban communities where access information technology is non-existent. In the areas it intervenes, this organization provides its technical assistances to

  • Municipalities
  • Local government administrations
  • Public/municipal schools
  • Not-for-profit school
  • Community organizations
  • Communities in rural and urban settings
  • Local nonprofit organizations

As this computer literacy project is in its initial phase, HNL has been working with four local governments and community leaders in five areas in Haiti

  • Arcahaie (west)
  • Belladère (Centre)
  • Verrettes (Artibonite)
  • Port-Salut (South)
  • Mole Saint-Nicolas (west)

The computer literacty program HNL is implementing in these areas consists of providing these “partners”  with technical assistance to establish the kind of organization and come up with resources required to receive computer equipment and ensure the delivery of the computer literacy program in their respective jurisdiction.

Haiti Net Literacy is not in the business of giving away computers or providing digital literacy to communities or organizations randomly. On the contrary, this organization aims to empower the recipients so they can take ownership of the computer literacy program within their communities and beyond. In addition, the recipient organizations or communities that Haiti Net Literacy helps acquire any kind of IT resources have to show they have developed the capacity to ensure the maintenance of the materials and sustain the overall computer literacy program within their environment.