• Connecting children and the youth to the world through Computer and Digital Literacy!

  • For these children, free computer literacy is the pathway to success in school and sucess in life.

  • This program helps the beneficiaries develop their creativity and prepare them for the job market

  • Alternative energy is the best option in Haiti since most communities don't have accces to electricity.

  • In both urban and rural Haiti, green energy powers our computer learning centers

  • The computer coding course help the participants unleash their creativity and develop software.

Youth Net Literacy

This program is designed to enable the youth to participate in the implementation of the computer literacy intended to empower children and the youth all over Haiti. Currently, Haiti’s youth lag behind other Caribbean countries when it comes to information technology access and computer literacy. 

A computer literate youth, ready to join the workforce, is crucial for investments and job creation in this CaribbeanHaiti Youth Net Literacy nation. This program offers all young people to connect and working with one another. Since  today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, getting in the habits of working together now is paving the way for more understanding and greater collaboration in the future. Building this future though this computer literacy program for Haiti starts right now!

The involvement of young volunteers in this project is instrumental as they have the drive, the energy, the willingness, and perseverance.  Their ability to connect more easily with their peers all over the world is a great asset to this program. Everybody can help. Anything you do now or tomorrow is important for the continued sucess of this endeavor. Please check this short to-do-list to see how you can from now on help Haiti Net Literacy deliver on its promises:

◙ invite other young people to join in the project
◙ help build a network of volunteers 
◙ encourage people in their environment to support this project by providing computer devices or financial resources
◙ collect material resources (computer/digital devices)
◙contribute to the computer literacy campaign in Haiti.

Conversely, while these young volunteers work as instructors, tutors, trainers, and teacher assistants in this program, this is an opportunity whereby they can acquire international experience.  The benefits all of the volunteers will gain from their involvement in implementing this program include, but not limited to an increase in

◙ Leadership skills
◙ Intercultural communication
◙ Confidentiality
◙ Self-worth
◙ Knowledge of self and others
◙ Volunteerism
◙ Cooperation

  • This Youth Net Leadership Program is led by the youth as it an opportunity for leadership emergence. In other words, this program doesn’t exclude the involvement of experienced adults in a support role. That’s why parents, educators, social advocates, and community leaders are support to provide all kind of support to the youth in this endeavor.

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